You can also contact ucu (at), or see staff intranet page (Human Resources) for phone numbers.

All casework information is treated as confidential.
Our caseworkers are branch members who have been trained by UCU in representing members, who have problems to do with their employment. Our branch has a number of trained caseworkers.

UCU Support Centre
On the UCU Support Centre website you will find answers to the most frequently raised questions UCU receives together with news of developments in employment law.

UCU Law Extra
Legal help for you and your family – as part of UCU’s commitment to provide members with a wide range of legal help to members and their families, UCU offers UCU Law Extra, a dedicated team of highly trained and professional lawyers who can help with a range of everyday legal services. Visit the UCU Law Extra website for more information.

UCU Continuing Professional Development
UCU believes that effective Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is an essential part of post-school education and benefits both staff and students in the sector. Therefore we are pleased to offer a range of personal and professional development resources that will provide practical help throughout the course of your career. Visit the UCU CPD website.

NB: Non-members please note – while individual caseworkers may agree to give initial advice on your problem, they are not obligated to do so. Nor are you eligible for legal representation via the union.

UCU Caseworker documents
Guidance Notes for Members seeking Legal Services from UCU