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Event: Mini Congress 2017

Do you know how democracy works in UCU?

Would you like to get involved in setting local and national policy?

Hillman Lecture Theatre (GEG32)

Wednesday 8th March, 1 – 3pm

Only members can vote, but all welcome!

This year we are trying out a new experiment. We are holding a ‘mini congress’, which will imitate the national UCU congress, and inform our policy for the next year.

Successful motions will also be sent to national congress, and if you submit a successful motion, you could have the opportunity to move that motion at national congress.

Submit a motion here:

PLEASE NOTE: You or another member must move your motion at the Mini Congress

What are motions?

Motions are statements asking for specific actions from the union. Branches, regions, the NEC and other national committees can all bring motions to congress, where votes take place on whether they are to be used as policy. These cover a wide variety of areas. You can have a look at last year’s motions at to find out about how they are put together and please get in touch with us at if you would like any further help.

Motions should:

  • Be no longer than 150 words
  • Be relevant to education, further education, higher education, prison education or land based education (i.e. within the remit of our union)
  • Ask for specific actions (e.g. “Produce materials for branches to use to campaign on the issue of ESOL cuts”)


Model motion from last year

HE8 (EP) Campaign to protect the public interest in higher education – Coventry University

Conference notes that the 2015 green paper suggests (part C, chapter 3, pp. 66-68) that Higher Education Corporations (HECs) should in future have the right to dissolve themselves into for-profit providers.

Conference also notes that providers such as Coventry University are already taking over large sections of their city/town centres and thereby increasing their asset portfolios.

Conference is aware that such developments could lead to the privatisation of publicly-owned spaces and that such assets will be extremely attractive to ‘corporate raiders’ such as hedge-funds. Such privatisation could therefore lead to the asset-stripping of town and city centres for the purposes of shareholder super-profits.

Conference agrees to launch a broad-based campaign to:

  1. raise awareness amongst members, students, citizens and local authorities about these proposed changes
  2. to commit existing higher education providers to place the public good above private profit and in the process democratise institutional governance.


Follow this link to read about UCU National Congress:–sector-conference