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Open Meeting 27th November

UCU Open Meeting 27th Nov Poster 2

On the 27th November (2015) we had an open meeting, inviting Jonathan White (UCU HQ) and Michael McKrell (UCLan UCU Chair) to talk to us about corporate form and subsidiaries. It was a fantastic event, and even though disrupted by an unexpected flooding issue in Charles Ward, was well attended with lots of excellent contributions from members and non-members attending. See below for the recordings and transcripts of the talks, and thanks for coming!

First talk: Jonathan White Bargaining and Negotiations Official, UCU London

Jonathan talked about the general issues surrounding changes to the corporate form of universities and the problems and changing conditions that staff working at ‘wholly owned subsidiaries’ may face, as well as the work that UCU are doing around the country in relation to this issue.

Talk 2: Michael McKrell Branch Chair, University of Central Lancashire UCU

Michael talked about the excellent work that they have been doing at UCLan, including successfully resisting the university’s plans to change corporate form, taking strike action in order to save jobs threatened by a misguided expansion strategy and generally improving transparency as to how these important decisions are made at the University Board Level.

Transcript of Michael McKrell’s talk