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Experiences of ‘implied hate crime’: Behaviour change and avoidance within the LGBT community in the Black Country

Invited speaker – Dr Steve Iafrati, University of Wolverhampton, presents findings from a study exploring the impact of hate crime among LGBT communities in the Black Country.

The seminar is open to all and we particularly welcome PhD students and people looking to share ideas on important issues of social justice. There is no charge to attend and refreshments will be provided.

The event takes place on Monday 19 October, 12.30 – 2pm, Jaguar Building, JA150, Coventry University. 

 We hope you are able to support the event.   To reserve a place email: and please feel free forward this invitation to others that may have an interest in this issue.

CCSJ_ Experiences of Implied Hate Crime


Coventry University UCU AGM – 7th October

7th October 12.30-2.00pm in RC125

We would like to invite all UCU Members to come to our Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 7th October.

The focus of this meeting will be the nomination and election of officers for all the major positions on the committee (Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Equalities Representatives and School Representatives). If anyone is interested in any of these roles, please email

We will also be discussing our strategy for addressing the challenges facing us in the coming year, and some of the campaigns we will be undertaking in the coming months The AGM is a space where any members can raise issues they would like to bring up, so please come along if you would like us to address a specific issue, or if you would like to become more involved in your branch.

In the past 6 months we have seen a significant re-organisation imposed on the staff of this University in the complete absence of consultation. In communications with us, the Vice Chancellor has justified this saying that no redundancies have been caused. For us in UCU, this really misses the point. The teaching and support staff of the University are the life blood of the University. Coventry University could be as successful as it is in league tables without the quality of work we all put in and the commitment to students shown by academic and support staff. Yet there remains a lack of respect or recognition shown to the staff of this University. We in UCU believe that it is time staff of the university to be respected and consulted on changes in the way the University works at all levels.

If you believe this then you need to get involved in UCU. Please come to the UCU AGM!

UCU – We’re Your Voice

Coventry University UCU AGM flyer 2015

Housing and education for all

On the 24th of October the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts has called for a day of action of local marches in the lead up to the National Demo for Free Education and Living Grants for All on November the 4th. This day is intended to broaden our free education activism beyond the student sphere, in order to form the kind of robust alliances with workers and the local community that we need to mutually defend one another against the merciless austerity regime of the Tories.

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